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Clean Our Shores is a non-profit organisation which works to reduce and prevent pollution related to aquatic waste by encouraging societal and behavioral change

This mission can be summarized in 3 main goals.


    --> Sensitize consumers and citizens to the issue to promote sustainable solutions and encourage citizen engagement in a positive sense of accountability

    --> Collecting data and materials, through waste quantification and participatory science, to feed scientific research and innovation on the issue of aquatic waste

    --> Supporting political, institutional and industrial campaigns aimed at changing legislation and production and consumption systems that have an impact on the issue

Aquatic waste is a real cause of harm for the environment and humans. Forecasts for 2050 are alarming. According to the Beautiful Oceans Foundation, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish in 2050. It is therefore necessary to act now to avoid this catastrophic scenario. To reduce its waste consumption, there are a multitude of simple actions to adopt on a daily basis. They can be implemented individually, but also collectively. That is why it is important to change our habits. Every action counts and even punctual actions can make the difference. This is achieved by reducing waste at the source.

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